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Services provided by the professional scrap metal service providers

Professional scrap
metal service providers also perform the service of recovery of industrial
machinery and supply of containers for the collection of metals. To request
more information on the value of metal on the market or to know all the methods
of intervention, do not hesitate to contact the headquarters.

The professionals are
specializes in the transformation, recovery and trading of ferrous and metallic
scrap resulting from the demolition of the cars.The demolition service is not
limited to the destruction of the car, but consists of various operations that
provide as a final result the disposal of all parts of the vehicle. There are
many service providers who are very famous for used scrap metals.

with damaged cars with road side assistance

The center therefore
deals with both the recovery of damaged cars, through efficient roadside
assistance, and the trade in ferrous scrap deriving from demolition, such as
iron, steel, aluminum, brass, copper and other metal alloys.The process that
leads to the recovery of these materials is the result of careful selection and
storage, by which they are collected and transported to the warehouse, before
being resold. They collect metals such as iron, cast iron, steel, copper,
bronze, aluminum, etc.

They also deal with the
recycling of non hazardous special waste deriving from cars and industrial
vehicles. These metal scraps are collected and subjected to careful selection,
sorting and grouping in homogeneous loads.

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